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InfoDock - 1.0.2

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Combine your status bar with your dock

InfoDock is a highly customizable widget for you home screen.

InfoDock combines the status bar with the dock.


• Height
• Width
• Toggle status bar items

Other features

• Dark mode
• Float mode
• ...and more to come


• Xen HTML
• XenInfo
InfoDock is powered through Xen HTML, and XenInfo they are needed to run.

Additional notes

This widget is compatible with all dock tweaks, just use Xen HTML to hide the default dock background blur.

Refund policy

You are eligible for a full refund 12 hours after your purchase.
Reasoning something of the following:
This tweak wasn't what I though it would be
I don't want this package anymore
I want my money back!!!
is not a valid reason for a refund. Only "broken" purchases will be refunded.
Please, think before you buy.
You agree to this policy by purchasing this tweak.