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Fuji Infinity - 1.2.1

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3.93/5 (180 votes).

Fuji Infinity

The full macOS experience on iOS 12

Fuji Infinity contains a macOS inspired lock screen widget

& a macOS inspired home screen "menu bar" widget

A free macOS style theme can be downloaded here:

Features - Lock screen widget

• Set your profile name
• Set your profile picture through an image link
• Dark mode / light mode
• Customizable chevron text

Features - Home screen widget

• 12/24hr clock
• Battery view (requires InfoStats1 which is compatible with iOS 12)
• Dark mode / light mode


• XenInfo

Fuji Infinity is powered through Xen HTML and XenInfo, and is needed to run.

Refund policy

You are eligible for a full refund 12 hours after your purchase.
Reasoning something of the following:
This tweak wasn't what I though it would be
I don't want this package anymore
I want my money back!!!
is not a valid reason for a refund. Only "broken" purchases will be refunded.
Please, think before you buy.
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