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Fuji - 1.4

4.08/5 (36 votes).

Fuji, named after macOS Sierra's codename, is a LockHTML theme that brings the notorious Mac login screen right on to your iDevice.

Fuji requires LockHTML4 to run!

• Set your own profile picture - through an URL or from your camera roll
• Aswell as profile name
• There is a dark mode
• ...and more to come!


v1.2 - Added the option to customize the 'unlock' phrase & the option to adjust the width of the password box

v1.1 - Attempt to fix the 12-hour clock issue (for some reason the option goes into default when configuring settings, but it should work)

v1.0 - Release! :D 

Planned features: (that all will be optional)
• Universal background blur
• More animations
• Background dimming
• The arrow to the right of the login box
• Better color matching with notifications